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Always on the Go!

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Time management is key in the business of driving. How to balance any career or job is of the most essence. Many days I am up at 2 am and may have long runs throughout the day and won't be home until late in the evening. To keep the stress level down and not having to worry about whether the dogs, kids, or shopping has been done, it is best to utilize services such as #instacart #wag #peapod #dash #taskrabbit or having one of your good friends hired to take care of domestic errands that you won't have time for.

I found out in the early stages of driving that I cannot control the traffic, and I couldn't get home for my two English Labs, and ended up stuck in the notorious Lincoln Tunnel for a couple hours....living in PA, never made it home in time for the simplest things such as a dog walk....utilize the help to make life simpler and gives you a better relaxed drive.

Now I grocery shop from my phone....and it's waiting for me when I get home....problem solved! Technology is a wonderful thing! Perhaps Alexa and our future of robotic help will be shopping instead! :-)

Keep it safe on the roads! And enjoy the moments of life and keep it stress free! Your mind and body will thank you! #blessed #beauty #roadtransportation #msexpressotransportation #labsofinstagram #englishlabs #transporter #itsallabouttheview #livelovelaugh

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