• Martha "M3"

A Day In The Life of a Driver

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Every day on the road can be stressful job, as drivers are subjected to radical and dangerous driving, known better as rage driving! Not only do we deal with rage drivers, but weather can be hazardous as well as unforeseen objects ahead, pot holes, deer crossings, and so much more to list.

Keeping a situational awareness about us where we take it all in and evaluate it at a moments notice, which requires us to be rested, hydrated, and also healthy.

Listening to music can reduce those stress factors, as well as listening to audio books. We are professional drivers out here on the road, and we know the risks and we understand how to prevent them...although we cannot always predict what other drivers will do, we need to be the most defensive drivers while out here on the millions of miles of roadways. In a future blog, I will discuss more about road safety and what to be aware of while traveling across country or even just across town.

Until next time, be safe on the streets!

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