am a cross country driver, so picking up your vehicle, car or truck, is quite simple. I specialize in long distance trips, as driving to CA, NY, FL, TX and anywhere else in between. I make it stress free so you can relax and fly to your new location, and I am able to have your vehicle delivered within 24 hrs to 3 days, depending on the destination. 

NY/NJ/PA to FL or CA is quite popular, and you would be briefed on the steps that go into the process of driving the vehicle. And you will have a tracking app so you will know every move I make while driving. Just like having an Uber app for your car...

Once I have your quote, I will email you the documents, and schedule a pickup of the vehicle and book my itinerary for my return flight home. You will receive gas receipts also. Once I arrive on site for pickup, I will go over the vehicle...I always insist that people have the cars looked over by their mechanic for long road trips. I carry AAA so if there would be any problems on the road, you and I are both rest assured we are covered.

I will have the car delivered door to door or from airport to airport, it's your decision on how and when and's your time, your schedule, your vehicle. And you will have access to numerous references.

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